Friday 29 April 2011

Fimo Fun

 For Christmas I asked for some Fimo as I wanted to have a play. I had a go and you can see my first attempts here.  I had another 'play' again the other day and then again the following evening (is this another addictive hobby?) and I thought I would share my creations with you all.  I had bought a bit more fimo and really wanted to have a play with the nightglow block (glows in the dark - how cool is that!)

This is my second collection and it feels like I'm beginning to get more used to working with the fimo. I have turned these (not the octopus - if that's what it is!) into fridge magnets as a present for my aunt (hence the obscurity of a boat and highland shoes!) I'm not sure if you can tell but the unicorn's mane and horn, the inside of the shoes and the boat's sails are all nightglow - they look so brill!!!

1 comment:

  1. Heather, these are super cute and quite funny! I think your aunt is going to love them.