Friday 7 January 2011

Something a little different

For Christmas I had some great presents but one from my hubbie was some Fimo and tools so now I'm finally better I felt like having a go at creating.  It wasn't quite as easy as I hoped (although the 'baking' part went better than I thought!) Here are my first creations! They don't look too bad photographed (always knew 'the camera never lies' was indeed a lie!) I definitely enjoyed myself, can't wait to have another go.


  1. They are lovely Heather glad you enjoyed yourself

  2. Aw, these are darling fimo creations! I haven't played with fimo in years. Thanks for the inspiration, Heather!

  3. Wow these are fab! I love the strawberry.
    You should have a nose in (they do polymer clay too) as they have loads of mould and tools and really quick delivery. We use them a lot for our business. I really must have a play with the fimo again one day (if I ever get an hour to myself again!)
    Linds x

  4. What a sweet fimo projects, hun
    Thank you for joining my blog candy