Tuesday 30 March 2010

A birthday post

This birthday cake number 1.  For those of you who don't know I have three gorgeous children twin girls and a boy. Somehow all 3 are born in the same week (and no there wasn't an anniversary 9 months previously!).  So with 5 days between their birthdays I was a busy bunny last week! 

Andrew was 2 years old on Sunday and in an attempt to reduce the amount of cake we would have to eat I made a small cake with a few cupcakes.  Andrew adores Peppa Pig and Iggle Piggle so Daddy decided we should go down the Iggle Piggle route! (Iggle Piggle is a character from a children's program called In The Night Garden)  I made a small cake and iced it and then created  an Iggle Piggle and his red blanket out of icing.  The cupcakes were then topped with blue icing and red spots and I made 3 cupcakes with just Iggle Piggle's head on for the 3 children to munch on. Right must get, will probably be back soon to show you the girl's cakes (yes plural - 3 cakes in one week!)

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