Thursday 2 September 2010

My big girls

I don't normally share much family news on here but I had to share our 'big day'.  My twin girls  went to school for the first time ever.  They're doing half days for a fortnight and then they're in full time.  You wouldn't believe how excited they were, Jessica woke up and the first thing she asked was if she could get dressed into her uniform.  They got to school and went straight in (timed it perfectly) I thought Jess would come back out as she looked really nervous but she followed Em in and that was it, my babies were babies no more!  They definitely enjoyed it because Jess was in a major grump when we left because she wanted to stay, Em on the other hand told me she was tired and needed a rest!

In lieu of a card I thought I would share some photos of my beautiful girls in their school uniforms.  They are my hubby's amazing ones, we did them at the weekend because I knew we wouldn't get great ones this morning.

Jessica & Emily together - they do love each other really!

Jessica with her bag 

Emily looking contemplative


  1. Awww how cute Heather, bet your so proud, fabulous photos! Jo xxx

  2. Fab piccies! Is your hubby a professional photographer because these are brilliant! Glad they enjoyed themselves, they'll be shattered by the weekend!
    Linds x

  3. OMG Heather the look adorable, their cardigans are that first school little but big for them style! Love it! Hugs Rebekah xx